BeL-Xpress is an extremely affordable, fast, efficient and reliable hosting platform that let you host your corporate e-mail and web site.

BeL-Xpress is also an essential platform for those who wish to conduct Internet hosting business

BeL-Xpress consist of 3 major components as below:

  • DNS
  • Web
  • E-mail


  • "Heavy duty" e-mail hosting platform with rich of features (you named it)...

  • Robust web hosting platform loaded with functionality and performance

  • Configured with the most widely used DNS system, fully compliant with published DNS standards.

Business Model

  • No starting cost
  • Lifetime Revenue sharing / commission basis
  • Guideline, training, marketing materials will be provided
  • Profession guidance and support

Welcome business partnership, email ( or call to enquiry. Download brochure here.

Why BeL-Xpress

  • Business Potential & Opportunity
  • Extremely Affordable Platform
    • Fast & Efficiency
    • Secure & Reliable
  • Rock-solid Technical Support