Our Highlights

  • E-mail @ your domain - Your first impression to your customer
  • Pay as you need. No bundle! No hidden cost!
  • Save RM40K per year!
  • Unlimited Storage & Traffic!(**first in Malaysia)
  • Less Spam! Phone Access!
  • Heavy Duty! High Performance!!

Email (info@belxpress.com) or call to enquiry. Download brochure here.


  • 100MB Attachment Allow
    • 5x bigger than other providers
  • Effective Spam-control, anti-virus!
  • Allow Multiple Disclaimers per Domain
  • Affordable, reliable, cost-effective, superior performance, secured, flexible & more...
  • Access to the most sought-after open source web mail interfaces at your domain name
    • Support Spell checker, Google contact sync, Address book, Filter policy, Anti-Spam Preference, Vacation Message (auto-reply), Message Labeling & many more.
  • Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly Backup
  • Individual Web-based Administration
  • Support IMAPv4, secure IMAP, POP3 & secure POP3
    • Fully compatible with Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail, iPhone, Android, Window Phone, Symbian, Blackberry
  • Extensive Email Tutorial & Support

Why Company E-mail

  • Your ultimate company identity
    • E-mail at your domain (business e-mail)
    • Your first impression, your face to the outside world
  • Customized e-mail address
    • No more "free-personal-weird-name" email address for company e-mail (eg. 'joe_tan19587@xmail.com')
  • Build Credibility
    • Show your customer that you have an established business
  • Improve your marketing
    • An easy way to remember and contact you
  • Protect your brand
    • Secure you domain that represent your business name
  • Full control of your company mailing data (mail forwarding, alias & mailing list)


  • As low as RM 4.99 per mailbox per month
    • RM 8.99 below 50 mailboxes (*min 5 mailboxes)
    • RM 6.99 50 to 500 mailboxes
    • RM 4.99 500 mailboxes and above
  • Free DNS hosting